OPC Unified Architecture
The Ingenieurbuero Allmendinger is a member of the OPC Foundation since 1998 and did participate in several working groups. We continued our support with the OPC UA technology and worked on the tests of the stacks and the first version of the specifications. Due to all that work we released and certified one of the first OPC UA Clients for industrial use. Just lately we did open the OPC Foundation European Certification Test Lab and are allowed to certify all certifiable OPC Interfaces and Services. Now we'd like to offer that knowledge base to you to help you understanding, developing or using the technology in a way that helps you doing your business. We offer different services in the OPC UA area.


Because of our work as certification test lab for OPC UA we understand what end users are looking for in products they purchase. We are happy to share this knowledge and explain what need to be considered when writing a call for bidding.

Test Case

Defining test cases is part of our daily work. Doing this for several years we gained experience on how to define test cases which align with the OPC test cases and will be easy to be integrated into inhouse or certification testing.


OPC Foundation European Certification Test Lab

We are an OPC Foundation authorized certification test lab executing certification testing for OPC since 2016. On our website we do provide some additional guidance on how to prepare products for OPC certification testing.

Compliance Test Tool and Companion Specifications

We are closely involved in the certification efforts of the OPC Foundation. Get first hand knowledge on how to define test cases, develop test scripts or establish a certification program with the OPC Foundation.