WinCC Communication

ALLMENDINGER provides products which extend and enhance communication capabilities of SIMATIC WinCC:

Native Communication Driver "Modbus Protocols": Modbus ASCII/RTU protocol for direct point-to-point/multi-point (bus)-connections or remote connections using dial-up- or RF-modem.
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Applicom Protocol Suite:
"Applicom Protocol Suite" is a native WinCC communication driver supporting APPLICOM PCI-cards and software-drivers, providing a variety of communication protocols

OPC Unified Architecture Client
The channel "OPC-UA" for WinCC enhances your communication as OPC Unified Architecture Data Access Client with OPC-UA-compatible servers
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PT Tag-Converter update
The APT Tag-Converter takes an APT tag-database as input and creates a csv-file for the WinCC Var-Import/Export-tool which allows import of tag-definitions into a WinCC-project. Our update enhances the original version of the tool and supports more than 32767 tags.