Time Synchronization (DCF77)

Our time synchronization service "DCF77" synchronizes the system-time on a Microsoft Windows based computer with a reliable reference time source. The reference may be the highly accurate Caesium atomic clock of the Physikalisch-technischen Bundesanstalt (PTB) in Braunschweig, the Rubidium atomic clock of the GPS-Satellites (Global Positioniong System) or the system time of a specific Microsoft Windows Server. Therefore we offer different types of our software for ...

  • >Examination of the demodulated DCF77 time signal

  • >Examination of proprietary DCF-Receivers

  • >Examination of time information of GPS-Receivers

  • >Synchronization with a Microsoft Windows based time reference system (time server)

Our technology ensures that your systems won't experience leaps in time and enables you to monitor the time difference with the reference time at any point in time. This way we enable you to avoid gaps, ambiguousness and incalculable inaccuracy in monitoring events.'

DCF77 Client Software

Our DCF77 Client software provides the opportunity to synchronize the system times between two Microsoft Windows based systems. Therefore you need to have connection via an Local-Area-Network, a Wide-Area-Network or RAS (Remote Access Service). Our DCF77 Client software is just needed to be installed on the TO synchronized system (Client). The time reference system (Server) doesn't need to have any special software installed. Usually our DCF77 Receiver software is installed on the server to have the system synchronized to an external time reference signal via an DCF77- or GPS-Receiver.

This way it ensures that all systems are synchronized to an external time reference without the need of having an signal receiver for each system but also having the time difference documented.

DCF77 Signal-Receiving service

DCF77 Signal

The DCF77 signal is designed to provide the time and date reference for Germany. This signal can be received way further than the borders of Germany and is used by many factories to keep their system time synchronized. The signal does not only provide time and date information but also some information about the weather forecast. Our software is only using the time and date information to keep your system synchronized to the reference clock in Braunschweig.

GPS Signal

The Global Positioning System is not only providing information about the position but also the actual time and date. Most GPS-Receivers are using a proprietary format to transport the information in their telegrams. Many of them are covered by one of our software versions, others can emulate a DCF77 Time signal as alternativ to their own telegram, which can be examined by the standard version of our time receiving software. The GPS Receivers can be used as time reference not only in middle Europe but all around the globe.


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Jörg Allmendinger
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my name is Jörg Allmendinger. I'm responsible for our Time Synchronization Solutions. I started development of a time synchronization service for Windows use in industrial automation already in 1993 and since then we are continously enhancing the concept and technology. Some synchronization concepts which just recently have been integrated in Windows 10 have already been part of our software in 1995. I'm happy to share this knowledge with you, answer your questions and give advice for your next steps with the technology, our products and services.
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