MODBUS Protocols for WinCC V7

Channel-DLL for Simatic WinCC to communicate with Modbus RTU/ASCII and Modbus TCP/IP Devices.

Key Features
  • -Modbus Serial communication

  • -Up to 16 Serial Ports supported

  • -Modbus Serial and Modbus TCP/IP Communication in the same channel

  • -Modbus Gateways are fully supported

  • -Easy import of connections and tags from basic Modbus TCPIP channel

  • -Support of 64-Bit Floatingpoint

  • -"Masked Write" is supported: Writes individual bits in 16-Bit-Registers

  • -WORD-Swapping in 32-Bit and 64-Bit-Register is optional

  • -Option for 0- and 1-based addressing

  • -Option for bit numbering 15 .. 0 or 1 .. 16 (MSB or LSB)

  • -Each connection can be disabled

  • -Further diagnostic Information


Product description

Enables process communication of Simatic WinCC with MODBUS compliant devices via MODBUS TCP/IP but also MODBUS ASCII/RTU over Serial RS232/RS485 ports.

The Software package contains the channel-DLL (Modbus Protocols.chn), which is intuitive usable if you're already familiar with the MODBUS TCPIP channel in the Simatic WinCC Basic installation. The channel allows an easy way to transfer your existing tags from the basic Modbus TCPIP channel to our Modbus Protocols channel.

The channel will take care of the reading and writing of values according to the use of the tags in the Simatic WinCC Project. Of course single or multiple tags can also be read in C-/VBA-Scripts, like in other channels. The communication scenarios include:

  • -Directly linking MODBUS Slave devices through RS232 serial ports

  • -Linking up to 31 MODBUS Slave devices through an RS485 serial port

  • -Managing temporary links to any number of MODBUS Slave devices through one or more Dial-Up- and GSM-Modems

  • -Connection multiple MODBUS Servers through Ethernet TCP/IP

  • -Connecting multiple MODBUS devices through one or more MODBUS TCP/IP Gateways

System requirements

Standard-PC with Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1,
        Windows 10, Windows Server 2003/2008/2012/2016

Application Package Simatic WinCC V7.X (on Request also for WinCC V6)

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