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MODBUS Protocols Channel for WinCC


Connectivity with MODBUS-compliant devices for Simatic WinCC® 


The MODBUS Protocols Channel (former: MODBUS Serial Modem Channel) for Simatic WinCC® provides connectivity with MODBUS-compliant devices through MODBUS ASCII/RTU over Serial RS232/RS485 ports and MODBUS TCP/IP.

The standard version supports up to 8 serial ports (versions with support for more ports are available on request).

All basic WinCC datatypes, including raw data, as well as structured types and 64-Bit floatingpoint numbers can be used.

Supported scenarios include:

  • Directly linking MODBUS Slave devices through RS232 serial ports
  • Linking up to 31 MODBUS Slave devices through an RS485 serial port
  • Managing temporary links to any number of MODBUS Slave devices through one or more Dial-Up- and GSM-modems
  • Connecting multiple MODBUS Servers through Ethernet TCP/IP
  • Connecting multiple MODBUS devices through one or more MODBUS TCP/IP Gateways


Special features:

  • 64-Bit Floatingpoint is supported
  • "Masked Write" is supported: Writes individual bits in 16-Bit-Registers
  • WORD-Swapping in 32-Bit and 64-Bit-Register is optional
  • Option for 0- and 1-based adressing
  • Option for bit numbering 15 .. 0 or 1 .. 16 (MSB or LSB)
  • Each connection can be disabled
  • Further diagnostic Information


System requirements:

·         PC with Microsoft Windows-XP SP3, Vista, Windows 7 or Server 2003/2008

·         Application software Simatic WinCC®  V5, V6 and V7


·        Software

·         Online Installation-, Configuration and Operation manual

·         Sample project for Simatic WinCC®  V7


English (other languages upon request)


Available now for download and on CD-ROM, EXW

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